Push2Play for an Hour a Day was created to inspire Saskatchewan parents and children to live healthier lifestyles through active play every day. Together, we can encourage our children to make physical activity a part of their lives … for life!

Game of the Week

Snowball Relay
Stomp a path in the snow to make a big oval. Mark a start/finish line in the path. Divide players into 2 teams and give each team a snowball. Players line up at the start line. On GO, the first player on each team runs around the track holding the snowball. When the first player crosses the finish line she passes the snowball to the next player in line. Players continue to race around the track and pass the snowball until the last player on the team crosses the finish line. If a player drops or breaks the snowball she must stop and make a new snowball before continuing the race. The first team to have all players cross the finish line is the winner.
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