Push2Play for an Hour a Day was created to inspire Saskatchewan parents and children to live healthier lifestyles through active play every day. Together, we can encourage our children to make physical activity a part of their lives … for life!

Game of the Week

Drop Drop Drop
Players pair off facing each other 6 steps apart. Give each pair a ball. Players toss the ball back and forth with their partners. If a player misses the ball, he must Drop to the floor in this order: Drop 1 –1 knee Drop 2 – both knees Drop 3 – both knees and 1 elbow Drop 4 – both knees and both elbows Drop 5 – both knees, both elbows and chin If a player reaches Drop 6, he takes 2 steps backwards and the pair restarts the game. The object of the game is to work as a team and avoid a Drop for the longest time.
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