Push2Play for an Hour a Day was created to inspire Saskatchewan parents and children to live healthier lifestyles through active play every day. Together, we can encourage our children to make physical activity a part of their lives … for life!

Game of the Week

Foot Whacker
Choose 1 or more players to be the Thrower and give them the balls. All other players scatter around the play area. On GO, the Thrower tries to tag the other players below the shoulders with the ball. When a player is tagged she must freeze in place and lie on her back with her legs straight up in the air and the soles of her feet facing up. The other players can free the frozen player by whacking the soles of her feet. When the first foot is whacked she can put it back on the ground. A different player must come by and whack the other foot. When the second foot is whacked she can rejoin the game. The game ends when the Thrower freezes all the other players.
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